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About HJS Human Resources

At HJS Human Resources we provide businesses with cost-effective HR support and advice to look after the most important asset in their organisation – their people!

Our aim is to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business complies with UK employment law, and that you have access to professional, practical HR and employment advice and support when you need it, so you can focus on running your business.

We offer a range of services from essential employee documentation through to outsourced HR management. We also provide quality training courses including our e-learning courses which are certified and CPD approved (more detail below!) as well as host monthly HR webinars which are free-to-attend.

We’re also a proud Platinum Partner of breatheHR, which offers an easy-to-use HR management system.

Free HR Webinars every month!

HJS Human Resources is proud to support local businesses with regular access to qualified HR advice via our free-to-attend monthly HR webinars. The monthly updates have been running since 2018 and are a valued source of advice by local employers. Prior to March, the updates were held as seminars at HJS Human Resources office in Cross Keys House, Salisbury, though understandably are now run as webinars.

Upcoming webinars you can book to attend are:

  • Assertive Behaviour Skills – Wed 19 August (link to book)
  • Minimising the Risk of an Employment Tribunal – Wed 16 September (link to book)
  • Managing Performance – Wed 14 October (link to book)
  • Disciplinary Procedures – Wed 11 November (link to book)
  • Handling a Grievance – Wed 9 December (link to book)

All webinars take place 09:30-10:30 on the day. Full details of future webinars can be found here: https://www.hjshumanresources.co.uk/free-hr-seminars-salisbury

Free trials of our e-learning courses!

The first module of every e-learning course we offer is free for you to try! Simply register for your trial account and search for the skills that interest you. The progress of your first module is saved so that when you do buy, module one is complete!

Why chose our e-learning courses?

  • Great value for money – courses start from £15+VAT
  • Courses are certified and CPD approved
  • There’s a wide range to choose from: across Business Skills, Health & Safety and Health & Social Care
  • All courses are delivered via video using a combination of presenter, animation and quiz style questions to keep the viewer engaged, interested and stimulated
  • Progress is tracked along the way – team leaders/managers can monitor where individuals are throughout the course
  • Save the time and expense associated with travel to training facilities

Find out more here: https://www.hjshumanresources.co.uk/e-learning

Redundancy Support Package

For those employers who may unfortunately need to make redundancies, HJS Human Resources has created a specific support package.

Making employees redundant is a difficult and emotional experience, and one that requires strict adherence to a fair legal process.  The risk of getting it wrong is high, potentially leading to costly legal proceedings and a demotivated workforce if employees feel the process was handled badly or unfairly.

The Redundancy Support Package is designed to help employers get the redundancy procedure right first time, so that employees can see that the process has been handled fairly and legally.  This will mitigate the risk of lengthy and costly legal challenges and minimise any negative impact on morale in your organisation.

The benefits in summary are:

  • Guidance and Resources such as an employer’s guide to redundancy procedures, redundancy costs calculator spreadsheet, sets of template letters including “at risk” letters, legal formal redundancy notice and consultation meetings scripts.
  • Up to 3 hours expert telephone and email advice & guidance covering the redundancy selection process, legal consultation process, and any issues that come up during the process.
  • Document preparation including drafting bespoke letters and checking the selection matrix.

The full list of benefits can be found here: https://www.hjshumanresources.co.uk/redundancy-support-pack

The Redundancy Support Package can be purchased directly from our website where the documents and resources are instantly downloadable.

It is just £395 +VAT and Tidworth Chamber members have a unique discount code to save 10% if they buy before 30 September 2020. Simply use ‘TCSEP’ at the checkout.

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Working with our team will give you access to the full range of knowledge and expertise you need to get people management right in your business. 

To find out more contact Dan Jenkins for a complimentary discovery call – 01722 325833 or email hr@hjssolutions.co.uk