Spectrum Laboratory Partners


Spectrum Laboratory Partners was established in 2020, specifically to meet the needs of the nation.
Partners, Karen Campbell and Mike Thorley, began working together at the most difficult of times – in national lockdown. They saw a need for an effective antiviral santiser that could work for both hands and surfaces.

Inspired to bring a British product to the market that was branded to honour the NHS warriors who helped the nation through the dark months, Spectrum was born. It was important to both Karen and Mike that the santiser was alcohol free; this was to help those with skin conditions, faith contradictions and alcohol addiction. It was vital for it to work both hands and surfaces, as everyone was confused and overwhelmed with what they need to stay safe and keep santised.

Spectrum has achieved all the highest certifications needed to be an antiviral and antibacterial product.  It forms a coating which covers hands and surfaces like a glove but it can only kill what is underneath and not what lands on top. They are are very transparent about what the limits are in the fight against Covid 19.  Many companies state they have a product which protects for many, many days but this isn’t chemically possible if someone with coronavirus touches that surface. However, Spectrum kills 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses including Coronavirus.

Tested to British cleaning standards BSEN 1276/14476 and Halal certified.

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