Rose Tuition Pathways

Rose Tuition Pathways

Rose Tuition Pathways started in September 2019, underpinned by a wealth of experience from teaching in primary and secondary mainstream education. My aims and life’s work as a teacher is now a reality; I provide one-to-one personalised, bespoke education for all of my pupils, with a high focus for those whom require an alternative, nurturing education, no matter their needs – ‘Empowering Every Individual to Blossom’.

Each learning journey is unique and personal to each young person and this is what I provide to every student I teach. I have seen my pupils blossom and develop in confidence, self-esteem and they have had many academic and life-skill successes, by providing such a personalised curriculum and nurturing the whole child. Rose Tuition Pathways is highly focused on the development of the whole child and is delivered in such a way that I promote engagement in learning, confidence, life-skill development and academic achievement, whilst all in the interests of the child. The results: my students love learning and make exceptional academic progress from their personal starting points!


Adapting to Covid

At Rose Tuition Pathways, I am dedicated to all my students. In such a difficult time, adaptations had to take place, but I ensured this transition was smooth for my students and ensured that they were receiving a top-quality education. Covid-19 presented and will continue to present many challenges, but nothing will stop my passion and drive to ensure my students received the high-quality education they deserve. Lessons for vulnerable pupils have been adapted to ensure social distancing measures are in place to protect my students and families and learning in the outdoor environment continues, in line with all the government’s advice.

When schools closed, I had many worried parents and families contact me for support about the education for their child/children, and I have extended my evening and weekend sessions to support as many children as possible in this difficult and uncertain time, providing bespoke education provision to over 20 students and families in the local area. My students love learning online at Rose Tuition Pathways and I provide one-to-one 1-hour evening and weekend sessions for pupils in Tidworth and the local areas.

Key Achievements through Covid-19:

  • Bespoke, Individualised Home School Education Provision continues with adaptations despite the challenges presented – anything is possible!
  • High Quality Online 1:1 Education (hour sessions) provided to over 20 families in Tidworth and the Local Areas through evening and weekend sessions.
  • Providing educational opportunities to over 139 families in the local area through the use of a social media platform, by identifying and sharing free online classes available including amazing live links to zoos, aquariums, astronomy sessions, fitness classes, STEM Workshops and much more!
  • Parent workshops available at request to support parents and carers in delivering curriculum content, supporting the use of pictorial and kinaesthetic approaches used in school.
  • Summer Workshops are now available to support students in closing the gap, accelerating progress, and preparing all my students for transition when returning to school in September 2020.


‘my children have noticeably blossomed and thrived in confidence…the development of each child is remarkable…’

‘writing, reading and punctuation bought up by miles…progress is massively noted at school…thank you so much for doing what we couldn’t.’

‘Thanks to Natalie’s amazing experience, personality and passion, my son is able to access vital academic provisions that are tailored specifically to his needs.’

‘They have both grown in such confidence with their English & Maths. They genuinely love learning with you. Thank you’

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